Ancient Greek Sculptures Conquer Manhattan

greek statueThe Greek General Consulate in New York will host, from April 10 to May 4, the exhibition entitled “Seeking the Ancient Kallos” by the famous American photographer Josh Garrick, curated by Iris Kritikou and designed by Marios Voutsinas.

The exhibition includes photographs of ancient Greek statues, printed on aluminum. This original technique gives the photographic print an almost tangible depth. Garrick‘s works highlight often unseen details of Greek treasures, as well as some of the more famous sculptures.

The exhibition had been presented in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, Greece and in the Sismanoglio Megaro of Greece’s General Consulate in Istanbul.

Josh Garrick has a Master of Fine Arts degree from Columbia University in New York. Ancient Greece is the main theme of his work and the Greek state has honored him with an unprecedented access to famous monuments and museums.

The exhibition aims to highlight the ancient Greek culture as the birthplace of the western arts and the inseparable relationship of modern Greece with Europe. The title of the exhibition reveals the photographer’s desire to penetrate the roots of classical beauty, as reflected in the ancient monuments that he has been studying for decades in the museums of Greece.