Changes in SAT Exams for International Students


College Board President and CEO David Coleman, announced changes in the content of the SAT exams for the entrance of candidates interested in applying to American Universities. These changes are expected to be the most significant ones made in the last 10 years.

The SAT exams will no longer be examining students on specialized vocabulary knowledge and the essay will be optional instead of mandatory. On the contrary, the exams will include texts which may have references to historical U.S. documents, such as the Declaration of Independence or speeches by Martin Luther King.

Only 800 of the nearly 3,000 U.S. universities do not require SAT exams for student admissions.

The vocabulary section of the exams have posed as a serious obstacle for many foreign applicants over the years. The changes in these exams that are to begin in 2016, will facilitate many international students as well as students from Greece that are required to take the SAT exams every year, however, the excerpts from historical documents will constitute a significant obstacle for many of them.

At least 800,000 foreign students study at a university in the U.S., representing 4 percent of students, while about 100,000 students per year write the SAT exams, many of which are Greek.