Obama to Honor Greek Independence Day

 President Barack Obama Issues a declaration on the 2014 Greek Independence Anniversary

US President Barack Obama will be once again honoring the anniversary of Greek Independence day by organizing a celebration ceremony which will be held in the White House on Friday April 4.

In addition to President Obama, Archbishop Demetrios will deliver a speech on behalf of the Greek-American community. On Saturday, New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio will also be honoring Greek Independence Day by organizing the customary gala which will be held in the Gracie Mansion.

Meanwhile, the Hellenic-American community continues celebrations for the Greek Independence Day anniversary. The big Greek parade is to take place on Sunday March 30 at Manhattan’s 5th avenue. The master of ceremony for this year’s celebrations are New York’s senator, Charles Schumer and the new U.S. ambassador to Norway, Giorgos Tsounis.

The Greek Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kyriakos Gerontopoulos, will represent the Greek government both at the Greek parade and at the festive doxology which will take place at the Cathedral church of the Holy Trinity.


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