John Kerry: There are Strong Bilateral Relationships with Greece


The American Foreign Minister John Kerry refers to strong bilateral relations between the U.S. and Greece, sending a message of solidarity and support to the Greek people as well as congratulating the Greek Presidency of the EU.

On the occasion of Greek national day on March 25, Mr. Kerry noted that on behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, he would like to extend best wishes to the Greek people on the 193rd anniversary since Greece’s independence from the Ottomans, celebrated on March 25.

The head of the U.S. State Department notes that “My home of Massachusetts is host to one of the largest Greek-American communities in the United States. During my time in statewide political office, I served beside a proud Greek-American, former Governor Michael S. Dukakis. When I joined the United States Senate, I succeeded another equally proud Greek-American, Paul Tsongas. My experience has been enriched through my visits to Greece and I was happy to welcome Foreign Minister Venizelos to the State Department last year.”

Kerry continued by saying “From the ancient Greek thinkers, whose ideas and principles inspired America’s Founding Fathers, to the modern Hellenic Republic, the bonds between us are strong and continue to grow. The United States stands in solidarity with Greece as a NATO ally, and we look forward to deepening our security partnership in the years to come. Beyond our strong bilateral relationship, our people share important values and cultural ties. We will continue to encourage the commercial, educational and exchange opportunities that serve as the foundation of our friendship.”

To conclude, Mr. Kerry underlined that “We applaud Greece’s leadership of the EU Council Presidency, and we are committed to working together to ensure a more secure and prosperous future for Greeks and Americans alike.”