Greek to Run for Mayor in 2016 Tarpon Springs Elections

chris alahouzos

Greek former Vice Mayor and City Commissioner of Tarpon Springs, Chris Alahouzos has announced that he will be running for mayor for the next elections which are to take place in 2016.

In a speech that he delivered on March 16, Mr. Alahouzos introduced two new programs to the public that he hopes to implement if elected. The first program will be entitled either “Staying Put” or “Villages” and will concern senior citizens of the town. The second, would be a comprehensive evaluation and action program that according to Mr. Alahouzos would bring job-creating industries to Tarpon Springs.

The first program, “Staying Put,” is a program that he aims to implement in more than 100 cities and is focused on providing the elderly access to local services from their homes after they have lost their ability to drive.

Mr. Alahouzos has announced that during his campaign he will focus on attracting new businesses by seeking public input as well as economic growth for his city, while also recommending changes in today’s approach.

Mr. Alahouzos was born in Greece, on the island Kalymnos and migrated to the United States with his father when he was fourteen years old.