American Farm School’s Contribution to Greece


Greece’s ambassador to Washington Christos Panagopoulos highlighted the importance of the agriculture sector for the Greek economy and the contribution of the American Farm School making reference to the programs for backing youth entrepreneurship that contribute to growth and job creation.

The Greek Ambassador and the former U.S. ambassador to Athens Daniel Smith, participated in a ceremony held at the Greek embassy where the work of the American Farm School of Thessaloniki was presented.

Speakers at the ceremony included David Acker, alternate dean of the College of Agriculture of Iowa State University and partner of the American Farm School, as well as the School’s president Dr. Panos Kanellis.

Mr. Smith noted that the American Farm School, operating for 110 years, is a “successful example” of the bilateral relations, while making special reference to rural tourism and the opportunities that this form of tourism offers in Greece. He even praised Greek agricultural products and their advantages compared to the international competition.