MIT: Most Famous People of the Past 6,000 Years are Greek Figures


There are many ways of being a celebrity, but according to Australian writer Clive James, Jesus Christ for example, was the first to have succeeded it globally and without conquering the world by force. Yet he isn’t the most famous person of the last 6,000 years. According to MIT, Greeks are the winners in the world’s field of popularity.

The American University has been recently working on a project titled “Pantheon” which is essentially what its name predicates. Studying and analyzing data from 4,000 BC to 2010, the MIT formed a list of those whom they consider to be the most famous people of the past 6,000 years.

Aristotle crowns the list, but the Greeks don’t stop there as historic Greek personages have taken over most of the lists top spots.

In order to reach this conclusion, the MIT studied and evaluated the “cultural offer” of the great figures of history, paying special attention to data that topped the geographical boundaries as well as boundaries of time and language, thus conquering a special place in world culture.

According to MIT, the most famous people around the world over the last 6,000 years are the following:

Jesus Christ
Alexander the Great
Leonardo Da Vinci
Julius Caesar


  1. Surprisingly no mention of Herodotus. Nice article though and good to know that Greek heroes are being hailed by many around the world.

    • Herodotus considered the father of historians but he is one of many that influenced the today’s world.In my opinion Plato’s democracy is the most important idea that came out of Greece.The Parthenon is not just a building or architectural model but is the epitome of democracy and culture of this era.However evil forces stole it’s symbolic beauty and today are cashing in on an other nation’s achievement thus depriving the world of admiring the monument as a whole.Does the world protest and criticizes the thieves? I wonder.

      • You are right Ali. Most of the people in the list above were idea generators and that’s why they are still popular. Maybe historians simply stated facts so not considered as great contributors like the rest. But I still like to read Homer and Herodotus. They do help in clearing doubts and confusions about the world we live in. Historians should be given a chance and reconsidered.

      • Plato’s democracy? You mean the one he and most other intellectuals of his era (Aristotle included) deeply criticized as being fundamentally deviated from the goal which all constitutions or political regimes aim for – the good? Yeah, Plato was not a democrat. Neither was Aristotle. Re-read your classics.

        • The ancient Greeks had democracy.The fact that they had the freedom to criticize the philosophers of the era shows democracy In other countries of the same era wold have been put to death simply by criticizing I think you should read the classics again.Plato Aristotle and others influnced modern democracy which adopted round the modern world and rightly deserve the first place among the distinguished of the world.It appears you come from an undemocratic country one of who distorts history and democracy to their own aims.If so you will find the wold opposing you.Good day.

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