Greek-French-American Gilles Marini, Up Close & Personal

Photo Credit: Alan MercerBeloved actor Gilles Marini has become a household name thanks to his superb dancing skills he displayed on “Dancing With the Stars” and through his acting roles on “Brothers and Sisters” and “Switched At Birth,” among others. His mother is of Greek origin.

The genuine actor took some time from his busy schedule to chat with Greek-American journalist Markos Papadatos about his latest endeavors.

On January 26, Marini turned 38 years old, but for him, age is just a number. The heartthrob actor shared that he does not feel any different. “I try to be healthy and I think with a little bit more work, I could feel the very best in my 40s,” he said.

Regarding the actor’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2014, he remarked, “I would like to be more patient and also a bit less daredevil. I always do some kind of crazy sport or activities and many times I get injured.”

“I probably keep doing it cause my pain threshold is fairly high and I also recover fast, but I should chill a bit,” he said with a laugh.

Aside from his acting, he is the proud father of two children (Georges and Juliana), as well as a husband to his beautiful wife, Carole. “Everyone is doing great. I bought us a cabin in the woods, and now we spend a lot of time there. It’s peaceful. We can feel the way we truly want. That is very kinda complex in the ‘City of Angels.’ We love it there and the kids want to live there. It’s a very unique setting and a perfect place to have the kids grow up,”Marini said.

In 2011, Marini was presented with the “Artistic Achievement Humanitarian Award” by the Hellenic Times Scholarship Fund (HTSF), and rightfully so, since he devotes a great deal of his time for causes that are close to his heart. He was presented this prestigious award by Oscar-winning Greek-American actress Olympia Dukakis.

For his dedicated fans, Gilles Marini concluded, “Without all the fans out there, there will be no career for me. I owe them so much and I am always very much aware of it. I appreciate them and I love them.”

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(Photo Credit: Alan Mercer)