Olive Water: Greek Americans Launch New Beverage (Video)

Yanni Andrianos founder of Olive Water

Have you heard of Olive Water? Probably not, because such a beverage it doesn’t exist, well, yet!

Greek-American Yani Andrianos and his brother Thanassi just produced the first prototypes of Olive Water, a drink that promises to give you the benefits of olive oil without the fat. Andrianos came up with the idea for the beverage as he was doing research to import olive oil.

“I realized that Americans do not consume much of it. No one here in the States is getting the nutritional value of olive oil, however Americans drink a lot of beverages. We tried to combine the two and came up with Olive Water,” says Andrianos who was born in Los Angeles but both his parents come from Greece.

The nutritional benefits of Olive water are very similar to olive oil according to the inventor of the beverage.

“It’e extremely good for your cardiovascular system, it’s anti-inflammatory, and it’s also good for your hair skin and nails,” states Andrianos during our interview at the Natural Products West Expo where he showcased Olive Water for the first time.

“People are skeptical in the beginning but when they try it they become pleasantly surprised.” Watch our interview below:

The first Olive Water comes in ginger-lime flavor but the company has plans to make more flavors available in the near future.

“We will be doing our first production run in about a month and our plan is to have Olive Water available in beauty salons and spas and also in super markets.”

“It’s a Greek-American fathers dream to have his son import olive oil,” says Andrianos who actually did not import oil, but invented an olive flavored drink which is made with olive juice, an oil extract.

“Every bottle of olive water is equivalent to consuming the nutritional value of a quarter bottle of extra virgin olive oil without the calories, fat and taste, says the young Greek-American certified public accountant – turned entrepreneur.