Chillbox Traveling to the U.S.


The Greek frozen yogurt company Chillbox, has announced its new business venture of penetrating the U.S. market.

Chillbox, whose major shareholder is Dodoni Ice Cream SA, assigned Lymell Holdings LLC with the development of one hundred Chillbox stores throughout the U.S. within the next four years. The first store will be making its debut in Manhattan in summer 2014.

Chillbox company has 55 stores operating in Greece while its international presence extends to the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Hungary, FYROM, Netherlands, Austria, France, Belgium, Sweden and Cyprus.

Chillbox Frozen Yogurt is a frozen dessert containing yogurt and other dairy products. It is softer than regular ice-cream and is low in fat due to the use of milk rather than cream.

The use of strained Greek yogurt and fresh Greek 1.5 percent pasteurized milk is required for the preparation of the frozen yogurt. The customer can choose any flavour other than the natural yogurt flavour he or she wants and add toppings, creating a unique dish according to taste. The toppings include hot sauces, chocolate ripples,  nuts, jams, fresh fruits, cereals, syrups and others.