Many U.S. Tourists to Visit Greece in 2014

tourists in GreeceThe Head of the Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT) Office in the U.S., Grigoria Kamaterou, declared that 2014 is expected to be a record tourist season for Greece, as numerous U.S. tourists will visit Greece during 2014.

Mrs. Kamaterou stressed that, “An American tourist spends two or three times more money when visiting Greece compared to tourists from other countries. That’s why the Ministry of Tourism and the Minister Olga Kefalogianni are particularly interested in enhancing Greece’s promotion and image in the U.S.”

“According to the U.S. Department Of Commerce, 61 million Americans traveled abroad in 2012 and 11.2 million of them visited Europe. The majority of them visited Great Britain, France, Italy and Germany; all countries that provide multiple direct flights to and from the U.S. Greece lacks this important factor for tourist attraction and needs to create more flights in order to facilitate their journey,” she proposed.

Then, Kamaterou described the profile of the American tourist. “American tourists are empirical travelers. Apart from Greece, they will usually visit one to two other European countries or they will visit various Greek cities. Greek mythology courses in American schools have created among the Americans, the urge to visit Greece at least once in their lives. They are also interested in visiting museums and archeological sites, attending social events and tasting the local cuisine,” she added.

Finally, she mentioned that the Greek Diaspora in the U.S. always represents a significant amount of tourists visiting Greece every year, in order to see their families and visit their home country.