"Love your Grandmother and Grandfather" Photo Contest


Most of us can agree that grandmothers and grandfathers have been playing an important role in our lives and the majority of us have fond memories of them. Some of us have been lucky enough to live near them and others have the opportunity to see them during vacations; either way, they have always been a part of our lives.

The photo competition “Love your yiayia and papou” (Love your grandmother and grandfather) highlights the special relationship between the Greeks and their grandparents. The competition was jointly organized by the Hellenic American website “Cosmos Philly” and the “Greek American Heritage Society of Philadelphia.”

People of Greek origin participated in the competition by submitting a recent or older photo of their grandparents, accompanied by a short text about their relationship with them or describing the photo. The contest ended on January 31 and the first three winners will be receiving high-tech gadgets as an award.

According to Eleftherios Kostans, board member of the “Greek American Heritage Society of Philadelphia” and co-owner of “Cosmos Philly,” the people who participated in the competition learned more about where they came from, through the stories of their grandparents. Kostans was really satisfied with the success of the competition. “The submitted photos were personal, funny, touching or even artistic” he said. Some participants who commented under the photos said that they miss their grandparents and that they played an important role in their upbringing,” he said.

Greek Americans seem to have a better sense of ‘Greekness’ knowing that their grandparents are alive in their home country. They are feeling like I do. They want to be near them and appreciate every single moment they are spending with their grandparents,” he added.

The “Greek American Heritage Society of Philadelphia”was created with the goal to strengthen the sense of community and to contribute to the social change and personal development by reconnecting younger and older people with their Greek heritage. The “Cosmos Philly” website presents documentaries, news and tributes about the Greek community of Philadelphia in the U.S.