Greek in NBA’s All Star Game For the First Time


The Greek NBA player Giannis Antetokoumpo will participate in NBA’s All Star Game 2014. This is the first time in the NBA’s history that a Greek player will be participating in such an important event.

It is a historic moment for Buck’s rookie and for Greece. The “Greek Freak” in his first year in the magic world of NBA managed to be selected for the All-Star Game.

With his overall performance, he has managed to attract American media attention and garner praise from the NBA community. The Greek rookie has managed to make an early impact for his team with his dominant performances. What is more, Giannis is getting better game by game. For these reasons, NBA officials selected the Greek youngster to participate in the All-Star Game. Giannis is among the 18-player pool of rookies and sophomores set to play in the 2014 BBVA Compass Rising Stars Challenge which will be held on Friday, February 14, in New Orleans.

His team, Milwaukee Bucks, rushed to congratulate him via twitter. Giannis said he is thrilled to be participating in the NBA’s All Star Game and that he is determined to do his best.



    • Antetokoumpo, from Nigerian parents, has more to do with Greece than the imbecile that wrote this article is Nigerian.

  1. The all star game?… where do you guys find your information. he wont be playing in the all star game, maybe the rookie vs sophomore game, but the all star game? He only gets 2 points a game

    • Actually, Jimmy, you are correct. He will be playing in the BBVA Compass Rising Stars challenge as the article says also. However, it is part of the whole All Star Game event. But, yes, he is NOT on the roster for the 2014 All Star Game (the main event). But, still an honor for Greece.

  2. Is this a joke? Giannis Antetokoumpo is Nigerian . He may have citizenship but he’s not Greek.

    Our leftists are out of control if they can no longer tell the difference between someone Greek and someone nigerian.

    • I think you are living in the dark ages pal. There are plenty of Greeks who are American citizens and when you ask them who they are, they proudly say “I am an AMERICAN”. So, why wouldn’t their be a few Nigerians who also would be proud to be Greek? I think you need to realize that ideas like your last comment should be left in WWII.

      • ???
        I think you live in an alternate reality “pal”. American is a citizenship made up of many ethnic groups not an ethnic group in itself troll. Treating Greeks the same way is form of ethnic cleansing Greeks. Its like claiming an American that moves to China is “ethnic Chinese”. Not only bizarre but dangerous as it makes ethnic groups around the world feel like they are under threat. Your far leftist ideas on identity are no better than the fascists. You just take a slower more subtle path to ethnic cleansing.

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