Greek Alphabet Celebrated at Metropolis of Chicago

Metropolitan Iakovos celebrates Greek lettersOne week of events were organized for the 29th year in the Metropolis of Chicago, celebrating the Greek alphabet, Language, Education, Culture and Press.

The events ended on January 30 which is the feast day of the Three Hierarchs. According to the Orthodox Church the Three Hierarchs are the Fathers and patron saints of the letters and education.

The events were mainly organized by the Chicago Metropolitan Iakovos, who participated in all of them. He was accompanied by his assistant, Bishop Demetrios of Mokissos, the Metropolis’ Chancellor.

In his speech about the Three Hierarchs and the Greek Letters, Metropolitan Iakovos stressed that “all Greek Orthodox Christians honor the Three Hierarchs as the most brilliant and eminent examples of divine knowledge and Greek education.”

Metropolitan Iakovos also made reference to the late professor and writer Fotios Litsas, the Dean of Greek Education in Chicago as he was called. To honor his memory the “ARISTEION” prize has been established. It is a friendly competition of Greek language skills between students of Greek-American schools and was one of the events of the week.

Furthermore, Metropolitan Iakovos thanked all those who work in teaching and promoting the Greek alphabet, education and culture along with the Orthodox faith in the Greek diaspora of Chicago.

Another event held by Metropolitan Iakovos was the memorial service for all the late professors of Greek Language and the Divine Liturgy at Saint Haralambos Orthodox Church in Chicago.