Greek Embassy in Washington Hosts Events for Greek EU Presidency

Greek-presidency-logoOn the occasion of the Greek Presidency of the European Union and within the framework of the Byzantine exhibition in the National Gallery of Washington, the Embassy of Greece in collaboration with the European Union Delegation in Washington organized a cultural event entitled “Dialogue of Cultures.”

The main speakers were Eugenia Halkias, former director of the Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens and Susan Arensberg, director of exhibitions at the National Gallery in Washington. They talked about the acceptance of the Greek Byzantine civilization, a harbinger of the Renaissance by the American cultural life. The audience described the event as a “highly intellectual.”

The event was attended by the Deputy Ambassador of the EU Delegation, Francois Rivasseau and Chief Deputy of Greek Embassy in Washington, Sophia Philippidou. The Orthodox Byzantine Choir of the Cathedral of St. Sophia added special glamor to the event.

Moreover, on January 17, the Cultural Department and the Press and Communication Office of the Embassy of Greece in Washington had organized a cultural event entitled: “The Greek Byzantine cities and their cultural splendor,” at the conference hall of the Embassy.

Eugenia Halkias, presented the economic, social and cultural splendor of Byzantine Greek cities. The event was extremely successful and the hall of the Greek Embassy where it was held, was full of people who attended the screening of Byzantine archaeological tourist sites.