CNBC Predicts Early Greek Elections During 2014


American news agency CNBC has stated that the Greek government, after a barrage of draconian measures imposed on the private sector, is turning on the Public sector, making Greek public servants very anxious. Furthermore, the report suggests that the decline in popularity of the Greek coalition government may lead to an early election during 2014.

American news outlets seem to have different opinions on the Eurozone and Greece crisis in particular.

CNBC highlights the significant challenges that the Greek government will face during 2014. These include reform of the public sector and reduction of unemployment; the highest in Europe. The article underlines that the Greek economy is getting back on track after several years of recession, and that the situation is much better.  However, the popularity of the Greek coalition government continues to fall due to the austerity measures and that this may lead to early elections during 2014.

The Wall Street Journal, in a related report, predicts that Greece will start to recover during 2014. But despite the fact that the Greek coalition government managed to achieve a primary surplus for the first time, the country’s debt is still sky-high and its economy has not yet stabilized.