Washington Post: Greeks Seek Job Opportunities in Germany and EU


Washington Post” with an article entitled“Greece one month away from key bailout target” describes what point the negotiations are at between the Greek coalition government and Troika. The Greek government met a key condition by achieving a modest primary surplus. This fact, allows the Greek officials to negotiate with troika from an advantageous position.

However, the severe problem of unemployment that Greece faces still exists. As a result, many young people seek a job opportunity abroad.

Washington Post: “The government has promised not to impose any across-the-board cuts, but it is planning to expand property taxes next year and to slash income tax thresholds.”

The article continues “Drastic spending cuts imposed through six years of recession have led to massive job losses, with the September unemployment rate reaching 27.4 percent, according to data published Wednesday. That is prompting an increasing number of Greeks to look for work abroad.”

As the newspaper mentions that in Thessaloniki (second largest city in Greece), a number of doctors, nurses and health care workers attended an event that was sponsored by the European Union and aimed at assisting to find job placements in Germany and other EU countries.

Spyros Grigoriadis is 33 years old. He works as a male nurse whose eight-month work contract will end soon and in an interview he gave to the newspaper, he commented: “I’ve started learning German because I’ve been told that there are lots of available jobs in my field there.” He added “that the salaries in Greece are really low and cannot secure a decent way of living, while in Germany, there are more job opportunities and the salaries are much better.”


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