Greek Scientist Discovers Hidden DNA Code


A group of scientists in the U.S, headed by the Greek John Stamatoyannopoulos, professor of genetics at the Medical School of  Washington University in Seattle, found a second genetic code hiding within DNA. This code contains additional information that changes the way scientists “read” the normal DNA code and explains its mutations. This discovery may open new paths for the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases.

This scientific research was conducted  under the  International Program ENCODE. This program is funded by the National Human Genome Research Institute in the U.S., and aims to shed light on the way in which commands for various biological functions of the body, are stored in human genome.

Ever since biologists for the first time, decoded the genetic code in the 60s, they believed that it is exclusively used for the production of proteins. But Stamatoyannopoulos’ team, discovered that the genome uses the genetic code to “write” two different “languages” of biological programming. One of them encodes and directs proteins and the other is responsible for control of the genes.

According to the Greek scientist, “the findings show that DNA is an incredibly powerful storage device, which nature has used in unexpected ways.”

The Greek scientist studied biology in Stanford University, California, and medicine at the Washington University. He received his specialty training at the Harvard University Medical School and at Massachusetts General Hospital.