Greece Among Top Ten Suppliers of Olive Oil to U.S.A


Greece is among the top ten countries-suppliers in all olive oil categories to the USA except from HTS 15100020 olive oil that is not edible.

As ANA-MPA mentions, the main competitive countries, Italy and Spain, are always on the list of top five suppliers of olive oil in every olive oil variety. Greece, despite being among the top ten suppliers of olive oil to the USA, in absolute values, Greek exports of olive oil fall short of its competitor countries. Greece’s olive oil exports are far behind, not only from the top suppliers — Spain and Italy — but also from Tunisia and Morocco. If we take into account all countries’ market share, we can confirm the above deduction. Greece’s share in USA’s olive oil market stands at single-digits and ranges from 0.43 percent to 6.52 percent.

This data comes from a report that was carried out by the Office for Economic and Commercial Affairs at the Embassy of Greece in Washington concerning the market of Olive oil in the USA.