Washington Greek Embassy: Re-inspiring Greece from the Youth Up

_Re-inspiring Greece from the Youth Up_“Our goal is to encourage, support and promote the production of knowledge and transform it into a moving force for our economy,” underlined the Greek Ambassador in the U.S., Christos Panagopoulos, during his speech at the event for the presentation of the “Re-inspiring Greece from the Youth Up” initiative which was organized by the Greek Embassy in Washington.

According to the participants of the initiative, this project aims to the essential support of the innovative entrepreneurship among young people in Greece and to the creation of new job opportunities.  In this way, the high levels of unemployment among young Greek people will be confronted.

Within the frame of the event, the Greek Embassy of Washington and the Greek Ambassador Mr. Panagopoulos hosted high-ranked policy makers of the American Departments of Foreign Affairs and Trade, representatives of business and innovative organizations; members of Hellenic-American forums, reporters and people of thought. “The goal was to inform everyone attending that this initiative offers real and useful tools to young people of Greece in order to re-discover the opportunities that the agriculture sector offers to Greece,” as it was mentioned.

Mr. Panagopoulos also referred to the importance of reconnecting education with innovative entrepreneurship, in a way that Greece will return to development. At the same time, he underlined that Greek entrepreneurship has developed a new potential during the period of the recession.

Moreover, emphasis was given to the fact that this initiative will provide the Greek youth motivation, vision, and help organize their own business plans in the agricultural sector, by offering the top ten, the initial capital of 25,000 euros. In addition, precious guidance and support will be given to the winners by the members of GAEA Products S.A.