Wall Street Journal: Greece’s Last Chance

ELLADACRISIS10_510_355The Wall Street Journal reports: “The crisis may be the last chance for Greece to become an effective and modern state. The country’s capacity and willingness to move in this transition will be judged again today, as the heads of Troika arrive in Athens.”

It also emphasizes on the irony of the fact, that while across Europe, it is believed that Greece’s presence in the Eurozone was a mistake, people in Greece believe the contrary.

The American newspaper estimates that the crisis gives Greece a last chance to settle down, something that hasn’t been achieved for decades.

According to the article the government is running out of time to reach an agreement with Troika on the financial gap of 2014, ranging from 500 million euro according to the government, to 2 billion according to lenders.

The Wall Street Journal views the primary surplus of 2013 and the forecast for development in 2014 as Greece’s weapons in the negotiations, while making a positive evaluation for the market.

The newspaper precludes any chance of Troika relaxing the requirements using the unheard argument that ” it would be like betraying the faith Greeks have in the euro”.


  1. The last time Greece was an “effective” state was during the military dictatorship junta which ruled from 1967-74.

  2. Greeks want the Euro for its stability while fearing the EZ will destroy what little is left of the economy. This love/hate experiment now into its sixth year has gone about as far as it can. Now it is the time to set the groundwork for a gradual release of Greece from the EZ and will be a welcomed relief to us all.

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