Greek Tourism Minister’s Interview On CNBC

Kefalogianni-kampania-2013-2Olga Kefalogianni, Greek Minister of Tourism, in an interview that she gave on CNBC ,talked about the notable increase in the country’s tourism sector for the year 2013. She also introduced new plans that aim to make Greece an even more attractive destination for tourists all over the world.

Mrs. Kefalogianni seemed certain that Greece’s tourism sector will increase by 10 percent within the next year. She added that tourism is a very important sector for the country’s effort to exit the economic dead-end as it is a main source of income.

The national statistical authority in Greece reported that 5.42 million tourists arrived in the country between January and June this year, compared to 4.82 million a year earlier–an increase of 12.3 percent. This is the reason why Greek government strongly believes that tourism is a sector that would help spur economic growth in the country.

Greek government has forecasted that a primary surplus for 2014 is possible, but according to the European Union and International Monetary Fund this is something that is openly questioned. The Greek economy is in its sixth year of recession and is expected to contract by over 4 percent this year.

In any case, Greek Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni ensured that next year’s county services’ would be even better and will respond to the needs of the people who want to visit Greece.



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