Alexis Tsipras in U.S. Next Week

alexisThe president of SYRIZA,  Alexis Tsipras,  will travel to Austin, U.S. to participate as a guest speaker in a two-day conference entitled “Can the Eurozone be saved?” Organized by the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Austin, Texas.

Mr. Tsipras’ travel is going to last about 4 days- from November 4th to 7th, and will include stops in Washington and New York. During his stay in the U.S., Alexis Tsipras will give interviews to U.S. media, while efforts are being made by  Koumoundouros staff, to arrange a meeting with officials of the U.S. administration.

According to the announcement, the conference will involve internationally renowned figures, European politicians and officials, financial analysts, as well as university professors in the fields of Political and Economic Sciences.

On Tuesday, Tsipras will participate in a discussion (round table) on the issue: “Advice to Governments to Come.”

In addition, the opposition leader seeks other visits in large capitals not only to strengthen his leading image, but also in order for SYRIZA to obtain more power and prestige. First stop is Berlin, where he is staying during the weekend of  November 15-18, for the Regular Meeting of JSB and the Vice-Presidents of the European Left.