Greek and FYROM Ambassadors Meet with Nimetz in NY

NimetzYesterday, Thursday October 24, Matthew Nimetz, the American diplomat tasked by the UN to mediate the resolution of the naming dispute between Greece and FYROM, met with ambassadors Adamantios Vasilakis and Zoran Jolevski in New York, as the Greek newspaper To Vima reports. A meeting of Mr. Nimetz with the two ambassadors is scheduled for today, Friday October 25, at the UN headquarters.

According to the article published by To Vima, Martin Nezirski, the representative of the UN’s General Secretary, explained that finding a solution to the naming dispute is in the interest of both countries and the greater region in the West Balkans.

Mr. Nezirski expressed his hopes that the current round of talks will lead to serious negotiations and a mutually accepted solution to the naming dispute.


  1. A so-called “compromise” solution will not work. It is a compromise of cowardice brought on by foreign pressure not principle. The former Yugoslavians showed their true colors when they started to put up ancient macedonian statues and claim themselves descendents of ancient Macedonians. Their apologists showed their prejudices when they pretended not to notice.

    These fanatic ultra nationalist Gruevski bots are not only trying to annex Macedonia Greece (yet again) but engage in hostile propaganda in an attempt to delete the Greek people (including on this very website ).

  2. Vardarska to be used for all purposes.

    Macedonia has nothing to do with Bulgarian speakers of Yugoslavia.

    Macedonia is and always will be Greek.

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