Hellenic Relief Foundation Offers Help to Greek Families

Hellenic Releif FoundationThe Hellenic Relief Foundation continues to offer financial and material help to families and institutions in Greece that are in immediate need. Many Greek-Americans from New York as well as from other states of the U.S. contribute to the foundation in many ways.

The Greek-American athlete Penelope Kouklakis Homenide will participate in the New York Marathon on November 3rd in order to collect money for the needs of the Foundation.

“I believe that the Hellenic Relief Foundation is the right organization to help Greece,” Kouklakis stated, noting that “without dependence on other political or religious organizations, it is a group of Greek-Americans who take care of distributing food and items of basic need bought in Greece with the money collected from donations in the USA”.

The Hellenic Relief Foundation was recently incorporated in the State of New York as a non-profit philanthropic entity with a mission of providing support for the Greek population, suffering during the present economic crisis, by addressing needs in health and nutrition. The Foundation is the initiative of Americans of Hellenic descent who wish to address the Greek health and nutrition needs.