Bloomberg Attacks Greece’s Civil Servants

BloombergThe columnist of Bloomberg news agency, Leonid Bershidsky, wrote an article in light of the Greek economy, and the country’s inability to make steps to exit the Memorandum. In his argument he used the murder case of the Mayor of Pangaio murdered by two civil servants who three years later, although convicted, still remain on the municipal payroll.

Mr. Leonid Bershidsky, makes extensive reference to the specific case in Greece, in an article for Ireland’s success to exit the bailout program of the EU and IMF in just three years. He sets the example of the notorious murder case of the Mayor, in order to criticize the institutions in Greece and the civil servants.

With knowledge of intimate details on the case, he writes that the two defendants are civil servants, who were sentenced to life in prison, but in the meantime continue to receive 50% of their pay, that is $800 per month while in prison.  They have appealed every disciplinary board decision, and managed to have themselves dismissed.

He stresses that the situation in the Greek public sector is such that “government employees are extremely hard to fire, even if they have been accused of crimes or disciplinary violations.” he bashed the weakness of the system by adding: “this is one of the reasons Greece’s compliance with the requirements of two international bailouts is constantly in question.”

His articles go on with further statements like:“ Greece is supposed to fire 15,000 unnecessary or under-qualified civil servants by the end of 2014, but it will be allowed to hire one higher-skilled worker for each one fired!” Adding, “it’s easier said than done.”

He concludes using the Mayor of Pangaio murder to once again re-enforce his opinion, highlighting that in Greece every unsuitable public employee has the same power to draw out the dismissal process for years. He ended with saying, “no wonder Greece is the toughest of the crisis-hit countries to reform.”


  1. The problem is Greek left wing extremism. Nearly a third of Greeks now vote for communist oriented parties like Syriza and KKE (i.e. crazies). Another third of Greek population vote for socialist oriented parties like Pasok and GD (yes GD are socialist when it come to government spending). Even ND is left of Democrats in the US.

    We have no real small government parties. What we have is a bunch of shameless whiners that demand government handouts and demonize our business people as all corrupt. Even after our gigantic government debt mess these fanatics have learned absolutely nothing .Still out terrorizing our streets with riots. (or just read Greek Reporter to listen to various nuts rant about the government as if its solely responsible for fixing our economy) Work? Innovation? Whazzat?

  2. Why not? The civil servant sector in Greece is seriously underperforming.

    A recent test revealed that only 35% knows how to use e-mail. Unbelievable.

  3. The columnist of Bloomberg news agency, Leonid Bershidsky is 100% correct in what he wrote in his article…

  4. This is the “Jew” Bloomberg media hard at work spreading lies and disinformation about Greece while “praising” George Papandreaou for destroying the economy of Greece — Go figure!

    • Part of the agreement with the troika was that Greece conduct its own analysis on such problems. Greece concluded that around 10% of civil servants should never have been hired or due to extraordinary circumstances should be be getting paid, like the one mentioned in the article.

  5. This Government is FINISHED after Venizelos’ bogus Submarine deal gets out..

    READ Kathimerini New today– Ha, what a joke PASOK is..!

    “Submarine Deal takes toll on Unity of Coalition”
    Kathimerini News – , Friday October 18, 2013 (20:40)

    In a row that could cause a rift in the governing coalition, Deputy Prime
    Minister Evangelos Venizelos on Friday accused Defense Minister Dimitris
    Avramopoulos of failing to protect him during a parliamentary discussion
    Thursday on a controversial submarine deal signed in 2010 when the former was
    defense minister in a PASOK government.

    According to the deal, signed between the then Socialist government and Abu
    Dhabi Mar, the shipbuilding company would take over the shipyards and construct
    submarines there, but Skaramangas has remained idle due to a row over state

    The main leftist opposition SYRIZA party threatened to demand a parliamentary
    inquiry into the affair. Avramopoulos responded that the government was not
    worried about the prospect since it was not related to the case. An inquiry
    would need support from at least 120 deputies.

    PASOK sources say Venizelos, who is also PASOK chief, was irked by
    Avramopoulos’s stance as he had thoroughly briefed the conservative minister on
    the case ahead of the showdown with SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras.

    A letter sent to Avramopoulos that was leaked to the press on Friday
    contained information that could allegedly be used to rebuff SYRIZA’s attacks.
    The same letter slammed Tsipras’s question as “vulgar, defamatory and

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