CNN: Fascist Salutes in the Cradle of Democracy

Golden Dawn

In an article entitled Greece’s Golden Dawn: Firebrand right-wingers accused of being criminals published on Oct 8, CNN examines the factors that fed the rise of Golden Dawn in Greece.

CNN sees behind Golden Dawn’s success “the fury of an exhausted constituency,” adding that “Golden Dawn’s emergence as a political force was in part a reaction against the political duopoly that had ruled Greece for decades.” Golden Dawn “had tapped into the fear of a country overwhelmed by financial crisis and unable to cope with the flood of immigrants across its borders,” Irene Chapple and Elinda Labropoulou wrote for CNN.

“In the space of three years, Golden Dawn went from a fringe party, polling at just 0.3%, to one which won 18 of the Greek parliament’s 300 seats. Its support then soared into double digits, allowing it to claim the title of Greece’s third biggest political player,” CNN underlines.

Referring to the arrest of Golden Dawn leadership after the murder of the anti-fascist hip-hop artist Pavlos Fyssas on September 17th, CNN quotes the words of Nick Malkoutzis, a contributor to independent political and economic website MacroPolis, who wrote: “It took the murder of a young, charismatic musician for the police to take action against Golden Dawn’s extremism.”


  1. Half truths that push agendas of other states. GD are extremists. No Greek should support fascism after the atrocities that fascists committed on the Greek people much like no Greek should support communist vermin after they massacred thousands of Greeks.

    What lead to the rise of GD was the far leftists cowards that betrayed their own country for illegals and “allies” that betrayed the Greek people for IMRO. Fyssas didn’t deserve to die but he was an antihellenic idiot. The “Greek” leftist traitors of course turned him into a martyr. All they do is parrot whatever their masters at CNN, Guardian or NY Times tell them to say. All their master need to do is proceed sentences with the words anti-fascism, racism and human rights. Fools.

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