NYT: Greece Wants Nazi WWI Reparations

War IIIn a front-page article, the New York Times showcased Greece’s growing interest in trying to get Germany to pay World War II reparations for damages inflicted during the Nazi occupation.

The report also refers to the negative atmosphere existing in Greece and the complaint of the Greek people towards the current position of Germany regarding the tough austerity in the country.

“Maybe some of us have not paid our taxes, but that is nothing compared to what they did” says Yiannis Syngelakis, who met the NYT journalist Susanne Daley at Amira monument in Crete, commemorating the slaughter of 1943 by the Germans.

“It is not just aging victims of the Nazi occupation who are demanding a full accounting, says the journalist referring to the 80-page report prepared by the government of Antonis Samaras and which has been delivered to the Legal Council of State.

Some political analysts doubt whether Athens will proceed with the compensations demand, while others believe that these claims will be important in the negotiations between the two countries within the next months, when Greece and its lenders are expected to discuss on the possible cuts of the huge debt.

So far, the German people have not seem willing to meet the war demands, says the NYT journalist and reminds is that the German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, during his recent visit to Greece in July, had insisted that Greece had waived such claims since a long time.


  1. Germans are not to blame for our financial mess. We are. Any Greek that blames the Germans for our economic problems is an irresponsible immoral parasitic idiot (here’s looking at you communists). We should support austerity because no other country should be obligated to pay perpetually for our mistakes.

    That said, once we’ve established a consistent primary surplus, no more demands for further austerity measures should be accepted. If the Germans insist to squeeze us past that point, we should insist they pay as back for WW2. Germany are to blame for WW2 damages — that were never paid in full. Schaeuble straight out lied.

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