Dendias Vows No Neo-Nazi in Greece (video)


The Greek Minister of Public Order and Citizen Protection Nikos Dendias was interviewed by Christiane Amanpour on CNN International’s nightly interview program “Amanpour”. During his interview on the prosecution of the leading members of the Golden Dawn organization, Dendias stated: “We are adamant in our target to clean up completely the Greek Police from any racist elements.”

“We have ordered a full-scale investigation by the Internal Department of the Greek Police and already that investigation bears fruit,” the minister continued.

Regarding the prosecution of the members of the Golden Dawn leadership, Dendias stated that what the Greek government is doing now is “that it asks from the judicial authorities to implement the law. Nothing more and nothing less.”

Referring to the timing of the prosecution, he said that after the killing of the anti-fascist musician Pavlos Fyssas, the Greek government had collected all the elements for the “total chain of administration,” which connects the Golden Dawn party to the murder.

We managed to reveal to the Greek society the real nature of this political party. I believe that the popularity of Golden Dawn will by largely limited, as now the Greek society is discovering the truth,” the Greek Minister of Public Order said.

When questioned about the socioeconomic reasons that led to the rise of Golden Dawn in Greece, Dendias replied: “Unemployment does exist. The economic crisis does exist. The Greek society is under considerable stress. But that is no excuse and we will not accept it as an excuse for the reappearance of a neo-Nazi phenomenon.”

“Neo-Nazism is completely unacceptable in Greece,” he emphasized.



  1. Dendias confirms: “The votes of 20% of the Greek population will be thrown out. Democracy means voting for parties approved by the American Jewish Committee only..”

  2. When three Greeks get together, they form five parties.
    Discord is the Achilles heel of the Greek race.

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