Greece Wants US Tourists Back


The Greek Ministry of Tourism is making an effort to develop US tourism and positive results have already been noted in 2013. Meanwhile, further efforts are being made by Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni to promote Greek reality in a positive way in the US media.

Olga Kefalogianni, after her visit to New York, made a statement to the Athens News Agency – Macedonian Press Agency, concerning to rise of US tourism in Greece: “It’s the first time since years we have increased the flow of tourists from North America. This is a very optimistic message. North America has always contributed to the development of Greek tourism. However, in recent years, there was unfortunately a gradual decrease. Therefore, it’s totally crucial for us to continue the work and effort in order to attract more tourists from North America.”

In addition Kefalogianni is going to meet with US insurance firms and professors of medicine in order to give information on the prospects of medical tourism in Greece, as well as senior executive airlines.
She also mentioned the activities in the tourism sector this year, “Greek tourism has recovered in 2013 and broke the  previous tourism record, both in terms of arrivals of foreign tourists and in revenue. At this stage our country is in, this enhances jobs needed.”

Finally, Kefalogianni revealed the actions of the Greek Ministry of Tourism in North America and noted, “These days, we are here to meet representatives from the tourism industry and convey the message that Greece is a safe and inviting  destination. This is achieved through significant US media and advertising campaign in the US market. We want to show that Greece is an all time classic and remains a traditional destination with hospitality which annually attracts well-known personalities from America and should also address the average American.”