US Shutdown Foils Samaras’ Plans


Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras is going to meet tonight at 22:00 in Washington the head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde.

Samaras and Lagarde are going to make a detailed assessment of the economic developments and discuss the sustainability of the Greek debt, an issue on which there is disagreement between the IMF and the EU.

Tomorrow morning Samaras has a scheduled meeting with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.

However, the Greek Prime Minister’s visit to Washington is taking place at a time when the U.S  government has shut down and already ceased the operation of the state mechanism.

Tomorrow’s gala for the inauguration of the exhibition for Byzantium, which was planned to take place at the National Gallery, has finally been cancelled.

Since the services are going to be closed, it will be difficult for Samaras to follow the rest of the program of his meetings with American MP’s and senators at the Capitol.


  1. Samaras, like most of the Euro Zone MPS and EU Commission is controlled by
    the World Bank and New World Order– operated by the IMF, ECB & Federal
    Reserve in Washington… Obama takes his orders from Bankers and is a puppet
    like all EU Governments. Obama is just a new George Bush with same “Bank

    The World Press is also in on this game also taking their orders what to write/show on the News, controlled by Bankers. The PLOT by these Bankers and Press
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    • I agree; however, it doesn’t matter what future ass**** you vote in power. Different s**t same old smell. They’ve got a hold on us since 1776.

    • STOP THE JEW FASCISTS and get rid of them from every government and public post. They undermine Greece in everything they do. Just black list them and circulate that list to all Greeks to know who they are.

      Tsipras, as an example, is a Jew.. Why the Greeks vote for him?

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