Alexander The Great’s Lineage Debated


Executive Director of the Center for Islamic Pluralism in the USA, Stephen Schwartz, seems to be a supporter of the Greek origin of Alexander the Great in a letter to the Financial Times.

Schwartz. having lived for several years in Skopje (speaking Slavic and Albanian) says he is an admirer of the place, culture, cultural monuments and food and referring to the issue of the FYROM name said: “I consider the complaints of Greece about supposed usurpation of the Macedonian geographical name, which the FT has covered with its usual excellence, to be absurd, dangerous and indicative of the political incoherence and growing chaos in the Hellenic republic.”

As he mentions, the Macedonian king lived in the 4th Century BC, while the Slav Macedonians settled the Balkans in the 6th-7th Century AD. ”

The article also says that “The government of FYROM has responded rashly to the movements of the Greeks over the name of the state, using gestures which exacerbate the conflict, such as the claims that Alexander the Great is theirs.

“The people of FYROM can and must do better,” he concluded. It was written in response to another letter which claimed Alexander was Macedonian but not Greek.