Greek Hell For Illegal Immigrants

newsweek greec tragedy coverNewsweek magazine published a six-page story depicting the often intolerable conditions in which illegal immigrants are kept in Greece, in overcrowded detention centers.

The magazine’s front page has a photo of the Amygdaleza detention center with the title: “Greek Tragedy, for Those Seeking a Better Life, Greece can be Cruelly Inhospitable”.

The story centers on a 27-year old immigrant from Pakistan, Shehzad Luqman, who was killed in January this year after being attacked on his way to work.

It tells of his brief time in Greece and the country’s hatred of immigrants by many, particularly the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party that is rising in influence and has been accused of beating foreigners as part of its vision of a Greece populated only by 100 percent Greeks.

The magazine said Luqman was a victim of the country’s crushing economic crisis too with many Greeks inured to the suffering of immigrants as they struggle to get by themselves.  “This attack was not an isolated case,” said Marek Marczynski from Amnesty International.

According to the official data, almost 700,.000 legal immigrants live in Greece, including about 30,000 from Pakistan, while other 50,000 Pakistani are living in Greece in an illegal status. “Recently, about 1.000 immigrants in Amygdaleza immigrant detention center went on hunger strike, demanding their release. In Amygdaleza, there are immigrants who entered the country illegally, as well as refugees seeking asylum,” the online magazine wrote.

The article concludes: “On 10 August, an insurrection broke out. Ten detainees managed to escape. The detainees were punished by being forced to detention in wet cells without electricity. The ‘privilege’ of doing walks in the courtyard was cancelled.”



  1. Fill a cruise ship with the illegals and SEND the ship directly to the homes of the Newsweek editors. The Newsweek editor’s can then take care of them.

    • Indeed. We should also ship them the home countries of foreign funded NGOs that rant at Greeks over illegal immigrants. What are they only pointing fingers at Greece and not asking for us to ship them to their own countries? Are they some sort of Nazis?

  2. Illegal immigrants should know that “Hell” will be waiting for them and they should think many times before coming over to our country…There is nothing for them here anymore other than “Hell” in Greece…

  3. Most of the so-called “legal” immigrants entered the country illegally. Our treasonous leftists gave them citizenship. We should start worrying about illegals “rights’ when the patronizing “human rights groups’ start worrying about our rights and noticing the behavior of Vardarstan. Until them, the illegals, the Guardian, and the self-anointed human rights groups — can go f–k themselves.

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