Greek Semeli Wine World Top 10

semeli wineSemeli Mantinia Nasiakos 2012 wine has been placed in the list of the top 10 wines in the world, as presented by the American press.

The wines’ selection was made by wine journalists that write in the biggest newspapers of the USA and which include pages concerning wine and taste.

Semeli Mantinia Nasiakos is the only Greek wine on the list and was characterized “excellent”, enjoying three out of three stars that are awarded to it.

It is described as “shiny and fruity wine, with aromas of ripe fruits that leave in the mouth the taste of the sun…” The comment concludes with the ascertainment that “every sip causes a smile.”

This distinction proves once again Semeli company’s dedication to quality and Greek varieties. Semeli Mantinia Nasiakos, Moschofilero variety, is considered as one of the most significant ones circulating in Greece and has been awarded many prizes in acknowledged international wine competitions.

Its fine and strong aromas, characteristic of Moschofilero variety, and its fruity taste, make it one of the most favorite white wines. It accompanies fish with strong taste, seafood and delicacies of the Greek cuisine, as well as fruits.

Semeli company, one of the fastest developing wine making companies in Greece, produces high quality wines, maintaining a perfect relation between quality and affordable price. Their wines can be found in selected restaurants and liquor stores.

Semeli Wines was founded in 1979 by George Kokotos and his wife Anne, producing quality wine in limited quantities. It is currently owned by Sallas family. The company owns two wineries; one in Mantinia and one in Koutsi, Nemea, from which only the latter can be visited.

The wines have been well received both on the home market and abroad and have won many international awards, and favorable press coverage. Semeli wines are currently exported to more than 10 countries, including the U.K., the U.S.A., Canada, Germany, China and the countries of Scandinavia.


  1. … a life’s work of the father of the variety moschofilero, Mr. Nasiakos. The
    variety, formerly called “fileri”, was added the prefix “moscho”
    by Nasiakos two decades ago, due to its exceptional aromas. It is grown on
    the plane of Arcadia in the Peloponnese, at an altitude of 650m. It is unique
    for its fruity aroma’s and natural acidity. In the past decade, there have been
    a number of small scale wineries producing high quality moschofilero.


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