Catsimatidis Reports Lhota for “Dirty Tricks” in NYC Primary


New York City Primary Elections: Greek-American billionaire and GOP mayoral candidate, John Catsimatidis, reported -what he calls- “dirty tricks” from the Lhota Campaign. Almost two hours before the polls close for New York City’s Primary election Catsimatidis posted the following message on his Facebook page:

DIRTY TRICKS FROM THE LHOTA CAMPAIGN: #GOP Voters Swamped by Fake Robo Calls. Republican voters in the five boroughs are being swamped by fake robo calls that say they are paid for by the Catsimatidis campaign. Some individuals have said that they have received as many as 15 calls in a 30 minute period. The call back number on the robo calls is 516-453-5646 and when a recording answers is says it is a credit card company. The fake robo calls being received by Republican voters is a desperate attempt by the Lhota campaign to steal this election by suppressing the Catsimatidis vote. Voters should know that this dirty trick being perpetrated by the Lhota campaign because they realized they were losing the primary.

Facebook users who responded to the candidate’s message appeared to confirm his report and stated that in fact they were swamped by calls from the 516 number.

The polls for the New York City 2013 Primary election closed at 9pm EDT.