Greek Foreign Ministry Employees Detained in the US

DHMOSIO_596_355A civil servant of the Greek Ministry of Interior has been arrested in the U.S.A, while trying to illegally transfer two ethnic Albanians to the U.S.A. The two Albanians allegedly have Greek passports.

The leadership of the Ministry of Interior was informed of the incident and Yiannis Michelakis indicted the particular employee to the Disciplinary Board for the offense of undue abstinence from his duties, from May 1 to August 1, 2013.

Extensive checks have been conducted in the Ministry of Interior regarding officials who have committed disciplinary offenses.

At the same time, another employee of the Interior Ministry has been indicted to the Disciplinary Board since he seems to have proceeded to actions in order to give a development project to a company where his wife is shareholder.