CNBC on Greek Crisis Victim Mickey Mouse

101006502-Mickey.240x160CNBC published an article on the latest famous victim of the Greek crisis, Mickey Mouse. After 48 years of publishing Mickey Mouse magazines in Greek, Christos Terzopoulos announced on Facebook the end of the publication.

The Greek edition of Mickey Mouse was published by Nea Aktina S.A. on 1 July,  1966.

Terzopoulos wrote in his social media message which was cited by various Greek news websites, “Some things like the recent government reshuffle, the devaluation of the currency and the closure of a newspaper or a magazine is not announced in advance.”

Among others, the publisher also stressed that “Until the last moment we kept the spark alive that we could continue publishing the magazine…But you must know with certainty that halting the creation of a lifetime (almost 48 years) is not an act that has not been very unemotional.”

However, Terzopoulos left a light of hope that Mickey Mouse could be resurrected when economic conditions were “favorable” again.

However, as stated by CNBC, Mickey Mouse has not been the only victim of the huge economic crisis that Greece has been struggling with. The article closes with the example of the government’s attempt to shut down its state-run TV and radio stations as part of austerity measures


  1. @Disneyland @Disney World @Disney Corporation…. What a shame you will let Mickey die in Greece?????????

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