Pantelides Wants To Be Annapolis Mayor

PantelidesGreek-American Mike Pantelides has expressed his intention to seek the mayoral throne of Annapolis in the state of Maryland.

Michael John Pantelides, pro-local business, environmental activist, and civic involvement leader announced he is seeking the Republican nomination to run for mayor of Annapolis.

With three generations of his name sake in Annapolis, Maryland, Pantelides has consistently dedicated his knowledge, experience and time to the needs of the community’s education systems, environmental demands, civic involvement and community safety.

Pantelides’ grandparents arrived in Annapolis from Greece and Cyprus in the 1940’s and opened The Royal Restaurant in the heart of the city’s historic district. For generations, the Pantelides family has thrived as leaders in business and the community because of one common denominator – their love for Annapolis.

Pantelides’ passion for improving the city of Annapolis is demonstrated in his role as president of his community association. Citizen safety is crucial, and as captain of the Neighborhood Watch, he keeps his members informed of crime statistics in the area and provides safety tips to encourage awareness and security.