Friends of Cyprus Support the Young

A983798A-9D10-463C-A9EB-17828592CA77_w640_r1_sThe Friends of Cyprus support the new generation and promote mutual understanding and discussions between the two communities through the program that takes place in the USA.

In the framework of the program Friends of Cyprus, one more group of children from the Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot community went  to the USA in order to become better acquainted with one another and  live together the American experience.

This is precisely the aim of the program to promote dialogue and understanding between the two communities starting from the young people, those who will be called to respond to the problems of their homeland in the future.

During their visit to the FoC studio, the adolescents from Cyprus talked with enthusiasm, and realism about their experience.

Kostas Paschalidis, 17, from Limassol said:

“The aim of the program is for us to create friendships. I met incredible people in America who gave me a lot of strength and made me understand that to believe in a goal and to fight for your goal is the most important thing and inevitably you will achieve it one day.”