Weendy, the Greek Extreme Sports Mobile App

weendy_0They managed to combine meteorological forecasts with micro climatic conditions, and something even more important; the impression people themselves have of the conditions prevailing in each area. Two young people created Weendy, an application for smartphones and they have won the ​​audience and the investors in Silicon Valley.

Katerina Stroponiati and Giorgos Varelas, fellow students at the Technical University of Crete, and fans of windsurfing and kite boarding, decided to build an application to serve the lovers of water sports, who every day had to seek information in forums and websites about the regions with ideal climatic conditions to practice their hobby.

“The application started purely due to practical need because we are lovers of windsurfing. People engaged in water sports are well aware of the weather and are searching for suitable weather conditions. However, meteorological data cannot predict the micro-phenomena, so you often go to a certain place and the weather is not as expected,” Stroponiati told ANA-MPA.

Should you go windsurfing where the wind blows more? Which beach is less crowded to play beach volley? The users of Weendy  themselves give the answers to such questions. The comments and their photos in combination with the official weather forecast create a map with the conditions prevailing in real time in many destinations around the world.