OH. Winner of BEAT100 World Music Chart

OHOlivia Hadjiioannou (OH.), a Greek-American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, is among the first ever BEAT100 World Music Chart winners from the July 8  chart compilation on BEAT100, along with UK-based singer and songwriter Niki Tyler, and Dan & Kathy, an acoustic duo located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

They received the most votes from the members of BEAT100 for their outstanding musical abilities. With this distinction, they have received international recognition, cash prizes and a global press release from BEAT100.

Hadjiioannou lives in Athens, Greece but also spends much time in New York City. She says that she was destined to pursue rock music from an early age. “[One day] I received a gift from a family member: a multi-track digital recorder,” she said, “I taught myself about sound engineering and recording and made a home studio. I haven’t stopped recording since that day.”

Hadjiioannou has made a name for herself as a multi-instrumentalist, a composer, singer-songwriter, and sound engineer, singing, playing, recording, and writing all of the music throughout her EP, ‘Sleeping World’.

The symphonic progressive rock artist certainly impressed BEAT100 members this past month with her track Trials from her EP, receiving over 20,000 views and over 4,000 votes on the social network.

Following her EP release in February 2013, OH. received much recognition for her work internationally, receiving airplay on radio stations around the world, features on a number of progressive rock music communities, and recognition by music critics and label managers.

OH. is also now collaborating with a number of established artists and will be featured on the upcoming OCEANS5 album, Return to Mingulay. Musicians can join the BEAT100 network for free to upload their original and cover music videos for a chance to win international recognition on the BEAT100 World Music Video Chart and join the ranks of OH., Niki Tyler, and the Dan & Kathy Duo.