Moustakas Says Apple Owes Him $74.4M

appleBoston University Professor Theodore Moustakas is suing technology giant Apple, claiming it infringed on his patent and is asking $74.4 million in damages.

Moustakas said that Apple got a patent in November 1997 for a technology he invented . The official patent name is “highly insulating monocrystalline gallium nitride thin films.” Apple used this patent to make iPhone, iPad and MacBook air.

The lawsuit was filed on July 2 and demands Apple’s managers deliver a list containing the sales of these particular products and the profits obtained by them and he’s asking for the sale of the goods to be halted until the case is done.

Last year, lawyers for B.U. filed eight lawsuits against eight companies, Samsung and Amazon among them.


  1. Desperate people make desperate moves.

    Apple used these films and since when usage is an infringement of a patent.

    • “….Apple used these films and since when usage is an infringement of a patent”.

      So what is classified as an infringement of a patent if not usage of said utility patent?

  2. Apple doesn’t manufacture chips. Sounds like BU’s suing the wrong party or the party with the deepest pockets hoping for a settlement.

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