First Woman Club Owner in Las Vegas is Greek (Video)

Kiki Dolas is the first female club owner in downtown Las Vegas

Being a female club-owner in the men-dominated Las Vegas entertainment scene might be tough, but for Greek-American Kiki Dolas it is a pleasant adventure. Dolas, a single mother of five teenagers, bought Pulse night club in downtown Las Vegas less than a year ago and she has transformed it into a must-go place for locals and tourists.

The Greek American admits that in the beginning she was skeptical about buying the property but “I fell love with the place,” she says. Her arrival as the first female owner of a club in downtown Las Vegas shook up the night scene of the city, but for Kiki is not hard to make friends.

“At first people were looking to learn who I am but now that I know them and they know me we all get along very well. I go to their clubs and they come to mine, we are all good neighbors.”

Dolas, who is recently divorced, has five children who are supportive of her career choice.

“It’s tough sometimes but my children understand that this is what I want to do and in the end I am doing it for them,” says Kiki.

Las Vegas has seen its Greek population growing lately but it still remains a tight community.

“We had a small church but now we built a bigger one who can host lot more people. We are about 2,000 Greek families here who are in different business’ from doctors and casino managers to Strip-club owners and scientists,” adds the Greek-American whose family comes from Evia Greece.

Watch our interview with Kiki Dolas below:


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