Demetrios Tells Diaspora: Go to Greece

7a70c4f3acd9593d0f43f022fff49ed8“Greece has overcome the most difficult part; it still has a steep road ahead, but Greece is always a hospitable place,” said Greek Minister of Tourism Olga Kefalogianni, after the meeting she held with Archbishop Demetrios of America with whom she discussed ways of promoting tourism in Greece among the Greek- American community.

On his part, the Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America called Greek-Americans to visit Greece, to find a way “to step on Greek soil” and added that he had a “very substantive discussion” with Kefalogianni.

Talking about the current situation in Greece, Archbishop Demetrios underlined that “as strange as it may seem, Greece has to face a very big difficulty. I say strange, because it is unthinkable for a place like Greece to have these elements of sorrow and difficulties that it has today. It may be a heavy storm, but it will pass, a storm is never a permanent thing. And in Greece we know of such things.”

Demetrios also prompted Greek-Americans to visit Greece for the coming summer season. He said, “There is this simple moto: Holidays in Greece. For those who cannot take holidays, just travel for a few days to Greece. Find a way to step on Greek land, to swim in Greek waters, to enjoy the Greek sun. Find every way and possibility to come in touch with real Greece.”


  1. Dimitrios is crazy…Who would want to come to Greece when there is no health service and the country isin a deep crisis??? Dimirios, wake up and say something better than this or maybe you can ask the people to revolt against corrupt politicians…Greeks of the Diaspora, don’t listen to Dimitrios. He is living in a different world, not our world…

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