Pancretan Association of America Donates Sanitary Goods

Help_Kretan_HospThe Pancretan Association of America contributed an important donation to the 7th Health Region of Crete in Greece. This is the second container with consumable sanitary material of great value, sent by the association, in cooperation with the International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC). It is destined to be distributed to all health units that are under the responsibility of the 7th Health Region of Crete.

This donation includes bandage material, syringes, gloves, suction devices and blood pressure monitors, to mention a few.

The container arrived in Athens on May 21, it was cleared through customs, transported to Crete and was delivered by the commander of the 7th Health Region of Crete on May 29 to be distributed to all hospitals and Health Centers on the island.

The recording and distribution of the donation’s content per hospital, which is expected to be used by all health units of the Greek island, will be conducted according to the annual consumptions per item by an appointed committee.


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