American Press Doubts Greek Recovery

tromaktikoAfter Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’s meetings with Chinese executives, the Greek government is glad to announce that the climate for Greece is changing and the numbers are constantly improving. However, two top US media continue to mainatin that things for Greece are not as positive as they seem.

According to two recent articles published in the US, Greece has not only failed to improve its economic condition, but also faces at any given time the danger of exiting the Eurozone. This time it will not be the partners that will call the country to do so, but its people.

As Wall Street Journal reports, the countries of southern Europe continue to suffocate under the German strategy that implies large cuts in public spending and wages in order for these countries to increase their competitiveness. Furthermore, the newspaper refers to a survey carried out by Goldman Sachs that suggested that this difficult situation of Greece is going to last for more than ten years.

In the same wavelength, Bloomberg doubts that Greece’s situation shows any signs of recovery and adds that progress is just a drop in the ocean and that the current euphoria is exaggerated.



  1. It is so disappointing when Americans of influence seek to deliberately down grade and insult the Hellenic people. Such vile commentary can only assist those who have made mega fortunes from down selling the Euro and buying up Hellenic properties businesses… for bargain basement prices. But a certain private bank that these two institutions know well is yet to answer for their direct role in the crisis and yet the US media do not ask, do not care. Why print the truth, when a lie sells more papers?

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