Unemployed Greeks Have Chance to Work in US


Unemployed young people from countries such as Greece and Cyprus will have the chance to work in the USA for a year, in the framework of the new immigration legislation, which is being discussed at the Senate’s Judiciary Committee.

Although Greece and Cyprus are not named specifically, the regulation suggested by the Democratic Senator from New York, Charles Schumer, and is supported by the Republican Senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, provides for young scientists and foreign language teachers the possibility to work in the USA for a year.

According to estimates of agents of the Greek American community, Greece and Cyprus are included among the countries the regulation refers to. A relevant announcement was made by Manatos & Manatos, government relations and public policy company in Washington D.C which operates on issues of Greek interest.

“Unemployed young Greek citizens may have an opportunity to work for a year in America,” said Ted Spyropoulos, Chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee on Temporary Employment of Greeks in America (TEGA). He added that if the law is finally adopted, it will allow Greek-Americans to employ large numbers of Greek citizens in America for a year. The Greek community will also benefit from more Greek language teachers, a fact which will contribute to the enhancement of the Greek language and culture.