Greece’s Bad Marriage With the EU

angelopoulosGianna Angelopoulos, in the light of her book, My Greek Drama, and her visit to the U.S.A was interviewed by NBC, where the first question asked was about the current situation in Greece and in particular the fact that 60% of young people are unemployed.

“My heart is bleeding,” she said about the adverse conditions people are experiencing in Greece and the impact on the economy.

“I wrote this book because I see another Greece, Greece which had a modern face, Greece that organized successful Olympic Games. And now everything has changed.”

“Greece’s world has turned upside down. If you ask me who is to blame, I will tell you that we are in a bad marriage with the European Union. And we are not the only one. Italy, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal are also in the same situation. So something is happening. We should pay more attention to our agreements.”

When asked if Greece should return to the drachma, Angelopoulos answered, “I’m not an economist. What I know is that we are in a bad marriage. We probably need a marriage counselor. I do not see a divorce. And please do not blame the Greek people. If you want to blame somebody, then blame the politicians.”