Seleni Institute Opens Its Doors to Help Women

Nitzia Logothetis
Nitzia Logothetis


The Seleni Institute, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization founded by Nitzia and George Logothetis opened its doors today on Monday May 6th. Seleni’s mission is to better address the unique mental health needs of women and their families through funding research, raising and providing awareness and providing clinical care.

The clinical part of the Institute has the capacity to help up-to 300 women per week through individual psychotherapy, workshops and support groups according to their needs. The main focus of the clinic is to provide support and therapy for women who are suffering from recurrent miscarriages, still-birth and child loss, post-partum depression, post-partum anxiety and depression related to infertility, amongst others. The Institute will also provide practical wisdom online.

Seleni aims to alleviate much suffering and the team that has been put together includes world class experts and leaders in their field.

The mastermind behind Seleni, Nitzia Logothetis, has been working for the realization of  the project for the past three years.  Nitzia Logothetis is a trained psychotherapist with a professional interest in maternal mental health, mood and anxiety disorders, eating disorders, personality disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder. She has worked as a school counselor at the Colegio Isaac Rabin in Panama and as a psychotherapist at the Karen Horney Clinic in New York while her community and philanthropic experience includes a diverse group of nonprofit organizations.

She holds a psychology degree from Brown University, an MSc in child development from the University of London and a MA in counseling for mental health and wellness from NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. Nitzia Logothetis lives in Manhattan with her husband George and their two sons.

To learn more and support Seleni’s cause please visit

Watch Nitzia Logothetis talk about Seleni at the launch event this past Wednesday in New York.


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