Greek Crisis Cuts Astoria Grocer’s Easter Supplies

titanTitan Foods is a giant Greek grocery store on 31st Street, Astoria, a NY neighborhood with a strong Greek Diaspora presence. The grocery store has been importing products and items from Greece for many years, but the financial crisis in the Mediterranean country is beginning to affect its smooth operation lately. Now, right before the Greek Orthodox Easter,Titan Foods is having a hard time trying to import all necessary products from Greece, as reported by the New York Daily News.

The ongoing crisis in Greece, closing factories and shipping strikes have narrowed the suppliers’ list of Titan Foods from 200 to 100, explained the owner of the store Costas Mastoras to the New York Daily. This Easter he will be only able to provide 75% of the normally stocked items and is feverishly looking for new supplying alternatives that will get him out of the dire situation.

For Mastoras, who has been selling Greek products for 32 years, ranging from feta cheese to gourmet products originating from small Greek islands, the situation is unprecedented. Exports from small Greek islands have stagnated the past years due to continuing shipping strikes and the lack of liquidity in the Greek economy.


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